Don’t Call Me Cute.
I’m a Queen, not a Princess!

When you make Queen Moves Only, you have the confidence to make power moves...and lift other queens along the way. Our boss queen, Kwanza Jones, has a royal treat just for you. Tune in below to learn more!

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Hey Queen! We’re building a community. Why? Because no one succeeds alone!

In order to make Queen Moves, you have to be bold and confident, but most importantly, you have to TAKE ACTION. What steps will you take today to be a more powerful Queen tomorrow?

We’ve got the tea on how!

Here’s what REAL Queens are doing on Nov. 15th 2020

Do you know what all the Queens are doing November 15, 2020? Hint: It’s not a shopping spree or boozy brunch – it’s LIFE-CHANGING! Get all the deets here!

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