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Behind the Lyrics: Queen Moves Only - Part 1

How to be a Badass Boss | Queen Moves Only – Behind The Lyrics: Part 1

Artist. Investor. Philanthropist. Badass Billionaire Boss. Wanna know how the OG Queen did it? Our founder & CEO Kwanza Jones spills the tea behind the Queen Moves Only movement. From what it means to make Queen Moves Only to how to become a Badass Boss Babe, this is the first in the Behind the Lyrics series. We’ll be letting you in all the backstage secrets of what inspired the song and sparked this fierce community.

Join us!

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Queen Moves Only

Queen Moves Only was created by Kwanza Jones to empower all queens to live boldly, fiercely, and unapologetically. A true queen not only lifts herself up, but she lifts other queens along the way. Queen Moves Only is not just a's a lifestyle!