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moves to make in 2020

4 Queen Moves to Make in 2020: The Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano Initiative Story

Hey, Queens. You already know it’s 2020…but do you know what that really means? It’s time to cut out the BS and get straight to the point. Here at Queen Moves Only, we’ve decided that this is the year we stop playing games, and start demanding what we deserve. And girl, we suggest you do the same.

This Big Queen Energy wasn’t just inspired by 2020’s talent for bringing the many broken pieces of our country to light. Actually, we’ve got some partners in crime (P.I.C.) who’ve reminded us that if we don’t speak up for ourselves, then who will?

So who exactly is our P.I.C. that’s making big moves to stand up for our country’s queens? Well, it’s none other than KJJF—otherwise, known as the Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano Initiative.

That’s right, our very own head Queen Kwanza is more than just a music-creating, Billionaire Boost Friend™, SUPERCHARGED gladiator in a thong; she’s also an inspiring investor who “invests with impact” along with her life partner, José.

Why are we telling you Queens all this? Because the foundation that KJJF is built on is one that every Queen should live by…

Are you ready to turn your 2020 right side up again? Good, we thought so. Grab your fav journal and ballpoint pen because we’re about to spill ALL the tea. Here are the 4 ways KJJF lifts up other Queens and how you can too!

1) Education

Ladies, if we’re not willing to learn, then what are we doing? Of course we want everyone to make Queen Moves, but if you don’t educate yourself on what the right moves are and when to make them…then maybe you’re not making queen moves at all.

KJJF believes in providing high-quality education to all. Not everyone gets the same education—that’s a fact. And that’s why KJJF strives to fill in the gaps by donating to higher education institutions, like Bennett College— Kwanza’s mother’s alma mater and one of the U.S.’s first historically black institutions for women. No Queen should have to get by without a little help from her Boost Friends.

Whenever you get the opportunity to share what you know with another Queen…do it! We can all learn from each other and build a stronger community…together

2) Equity

We said it before, and we’ll say it again. If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that we’re not dealing with a level playing field here in the U.S. The more money you have the more opportunities you get. Well, don’t get it twisted—KJJF is ready to SHUT THAT DOWN!

It shouldn’t matter where you were born, what you look like, or how you speak. KJJF is here to remind you and all underserved groups that you deserve the same opportunities as any other zip code, gender, or race. How? By contributing to both for-profit ventures and nonprofit organizations, such as Harlem Capital and the Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA), who also live to level the playing field.

So Queen, recognize that there are other people out there that didn’t get the same start that you may have and lend a helping hand. Donating your time and resources can even create a larger impact than the money!

3) Entrepreneurship

Ok…so KJJF helped you get the education you needed and the equity you deserved. Now what? You thought their work was done? Oh no, we’re just getting started.

By committing $50million to diverse/women founders, Kwanza and José are putting their money where their mouths are.

Their theory? Let’s empower businesses today so that we can change the status quo tomorrow.

You too can boost entrepreneurship even if you’re not a business owner. A simple shout out or positive review can make a huge impact for a small, growing business.

4) Empowerment

Last but CERTAINLY not least on the KJJF value board is empowerment.

“But isn’t empowerment built into the last three values?”

Sure, Queen, that’s true. But those last three values are forgetting one BIG important piece: each and every individual.

Kwanza and José can invest and donate all the money they want, but at the end of the day, that would just be throwing numbers at numbers. Instead, Kwanza and José strive to empower people on an individual level through allyship and the Boost Friends community. Because if they’re not helping each person get better on an individual level each and every day, then can we really call their impact long-lasting?

So, Queens, that about wraps things up for today. We hope you understand why initiatives like KJJF are so crucial in today’s world, and how and why you are MORE than welcome to live out these values in your everyday life.
After all, a real Queen shares her secrets in order to lift others up, and we expect you to do the same.

So tag, you’re it!

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