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LA Tech Cares: Making Remote Learning Possible for ALL

Hey, Queen! Today we want to talk to you about something that’s important for ALL queens to know, exemplify, and inspire: EMPATHY. 

We know, we know. At first glance, empathy might not look like a fabulous, sparkly, queen-tastic word, but let us assure is. In fact, Kwanza Jones herself lives and breathes it each and every why not you too? 

Still not sure? Don’t worry, we got you. Let us walk you through exactly how it works; that way you can wear your Queen crown with pride knowing that you’re using your royal powers for good. 

Picture This: 

It’s 2019. You’re a kid who actually likes going to school and you live in an urban community. It promises you opportunity, a bright future, and something bigger and better than what your parents have now. You lie down at night with big dreams. You can be a doctor, a politician, or maybe even the President of the United States. The sky's the limit for you, and whatever you choose, you rest easy at night knowing that your education is the reason your parents will be able to grow old in a big, safe, beautiful, house that they deserve.

But then...out of nowhere...2020 hits. School is online—you need a tablet, a computer, and reliable internet access. You see your future dreams slipping away cuz you don’t have any of those things. Suddenly, “equal access” to education seems out of reach. You’re worried...your parents are worried...and you don’t know what to do or who to turn to.

Cue Queen Kwanza and LA Tech Cares:

As an LA native, Kwanza doesn’t have to imagine these types of situations. She understands them at her very core, and that’s what every Queen should aim for...understanding, whether it directly affects you or not. Because in life, the better you understand the better you can help.

In her latest Queen Move, Kwanza co-founded LA Tech Cares—an organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap in education by providing technology and Wifi hotspots to the LA Alliance Charter School students, who wouldn’t have them and couldn’t continue their education otherwise. Can you say BIG Queen energy?

So...does this fairytale have a happy ending yet?


But, to seal the deal, that’s where YOU come in, Queen.

Donate NOW to help LA Tech Cares close the achievement gap so that we can help LA students be successful.

LA Tech Cares has raised almost half of their $250k goal so far. As Kwanza Jones says, “Pennies make millions.” But in this case: $250,000.  All money boosts are welcome—no matter how big or small your contribution.

Because all true Queens know, #EveryLittleBitCounts.

If you were looking for your Big Queen Move for the day, look no further. We found it for you. And on behalf of the 13,000 students, you’re helping to learn and grow, we say thanks.

As fun as it is to have your reign as Queen now...remember, no Queen lasts forever. And don’t you want to make sure that the generation you pass your crown down to has the tools they need to succeed?

There’s only one right answer to that question...The crown is in your court.

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