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Queen Energy: Kwanza Jones Gifts 20 million dollars to her alma mater, Princeton University

Once upon a time, Kwanza Jones attended an alumni dinner at her alma mater, Princeton University. She was excited for so many reasons: to reunite with her peers, to be recognized as a significant donor, to relive where her love story with life partner José E. Feliciano began…

When she spoke with other POC alum, she heard the phrase that no SUPERCHARGED® Queen ever wants to hear: “None of us feel welcome here.”

Well, if you know Queen of Empowerment Kwanza, you know that hearing those words was like nails on a chalkboard for her. Valuable peers—who deserve validation—feeling like they don’t belong at their very own alma mater?! Not cool. Not acceptable. And as Kwanza vowed in that moment, it’s not going to happen anymore.

So like a true Queen, what did Kwanza do? Did she disaffiliate from the University? Hell no. Did she slander them on one of her many public platforms? Think again, Queen.

She instead took this as an opportunity to educate and empower—two of the four pillars from the Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano Initiative. And, let us assure you Queens, this one decision went in history.

Why Kwanza Made her Biggest Queen Move Yet

Well, for starters…in typical Kwanza fashion, she didn’t take this decision lightly. She wanted to change the future of Princeton for all underrepresented students of color, but what was the best way to do it? After thinking through their own Princeton experiences as POC, Kwanza and José struck up a Queen worthy deal with their alma mater: “We’ll give you $20 Million SUPERCHARGED-Jones-Feliciano dollars. But only if you PROMISE this University starts making space for people like us.”

José even pulled on the words of one of his heroes, Cesar Chavez, to further explain: “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community.”

In other words, he and Kwanza made a SERIOUSLY BIG Queen Move. They took their inequitable experiences and made a pledge that no more POC would have to endure them.

They didn’t simply grow into SUPERCHARGED Superstars and forget the little people. Oh no! Kwanza and José understand what so many people in power don’t: “We’re only as strong as our most vulnerable communities.”

So…What’s YOUR Next Queen Move?

Of course, Kwanza’s reason for this historical donation doesn’t stop there. Like a REAL Queen, she invests with impact—and you’re next in line. What Queen Move will YOU take to ensure positive changes in your own community? How can you teach others who lack equal access to education and empowerment to make their very own Queen Moves—with or without millions?

You already know that no Queen succeeds alone; now it’s on you to take the next step. Pass that crown on down to the next queen in line, and help them thrive.

Well…that’s what Kwanza would do anyway.

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