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national voter registration Day

3 Reasons Why Voting is a BIG Queen Move

Now, with Queens as smart and civic-minded as you, we're pretty sure we don't have to list out the THOUSANDS of reasons why #ThisElectionMatters. But just in case you needed to hear it from Queen Kwanza herself, we've got you covered with three BIG Queen Move Reasons why you MUST register to vote on September 22, 2020.

1) It's your right, Queen!

Now, TBH, it's a little ironic for us to call you a "queen" in this post when, in reality, queens aren't actually voted in at all. They just win the genetic lottery and everyone has to deal with their Queen Moves, good or not.

Basically, our point is that you're lucky enough NOT to live in a country with a king, a queen, or a DO get a voice! You get to Vote with a capital V. So, honey, what are you waiting for?! The amount of people who have sacrificed their lives to make this right possible is no joke, especially for our POC brothers and sisters. So, Queen, honor this liberty. On September 22, you best make sure that you enroll to vote so that on November 3rd your voice is HEARD!

2) #AllVotesMatter

We all remember the 2000 Election...right, Queen? Al Gore lost by 537 votes, five HUNDRED thirty-seven! That's the small number of people it took to change the next 8 YEARS of our country's destiny. Had Al Gore been elected, maybe our carbon dioxide emissions would be lower. Maybe our healthcare system would look different. Maybe the person who's in office now would never have been elected.

Anyways, Queen, we know it's not healthy to play the "What if" game for too long...but you get the picture. Every vote *really* does matter, ESPECIALLY now. So hop online on September 22, visit:, and make a Big Queen Move: Register to Vote!

3) Wake up, Queen! It's 2020...need we say more?

California is on fire—desperate for a Green New Deal. Our POC brothers and sisters are dying—desperate for systemic change. We just lost the notorious RBG (Rest in Power, Queen)—and our country is desperate for more forward-thinking voices like her in D.C.

What does all of this have to do with you in particular, Queen? Well, your vote can change all that. Take 20 minutes on September 22nd to register, another 20 minutes on November 3rd to actually vote, and BOOM—you've just taken our future from out of control to in your hands.

Your Move, Queen

So, Queen, are you convinced? Those three reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. And let's be real, 2020 has basically already been a Titanic level disaster, so let's not run into another iceberg with this election...mmmk?

Basically, register to vote on September 22 so that we spare ourselves from more disasters. Register to vote so that our country's future looks bright. Register to vote so that you can exercise a right that millions of people can only DREAM of.

The future is in your hands...

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